5 Tips To Protect Your Vacant Property

The Best Ways to Protect an Empty House

An empty property may be the result of a number of reasons. You may be in between moves, you may have moved out while renovations or works are being carried out, or you may have been ill and are unable to return home. It’s vital to prepare the property for an unoccupied period. Preparing a property for an unoccupied period will protect it from damage and criminal activity.

1. Lock your property

Before moving out, you must ensure that you lock all your doors and windows. Though this may seem obvious, it is actually very easy to forget to check the locks when moving out in a chaotic and stressful environment. In addition to being in a rush to leave their home, most people are also busy guiding movers or loading a truck. It is common for people to overlook double checking the locks when moving out of their home. It is, however, a very important (if not the most important) step to take when moving from one house to another.

2.Yard Maintenance

The yard should always be kept neat and tidy, as well as trimming trees and shrubs that might obscure your view of your house or provide hiding places for thieves. Newspapers piled up on the lawn and mail flowing out of the mailbox will signal to a thief that you are not home.


When a burglar knows the area is well illuminated at night, he will be less likely to break into a house. This can be accomplished by installing motion detector lights in your home.

4.Alarm System

We believe it’s well worth your peace of mind to keep your existing alarm system connected after moving out, considering most monthly monitoring plans only cost $15 to $30 per month.

5.Vacant Home Insurance

Most policies will cover acts of vandalism, as well as certain disasters, such as fire, lightning, wind, hail, etc. Ask your current home insurance provider about vacant home coverage options under your current policy.

It is important to remember that most standard home insurance policies do not cover periods of unoccupied residence beyond 30 days. If you believe you may require unoccupied residence insurance for an extended period, please contact an agent.

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